Cape Breton

Camille & Matt - A Romantic Bras d'Or Wedding

Camille contacted me via my Facebook page back in February. After a few email conversations I knew I had to photograph their wedding! She was so kind and sweet! 

I'm always interested in hearing how the couples meet. When I asked Camille how they met she said they met in Doha, Qatar. (Which is only 5, 975 miles away). They were both new to the country and met on their second day there and became fast friends.

They were together for 6 years prior to the engagement which lasted 6 months. 

When I asked her how she knew he was 'The One' she made my heart melt when she answered - He was my ray of sunshine in a place that made me feel unsafe, unwelcome, and alone.  He made me laugh, made me feel safe, and allowed me to find home.  

Matt proposed on our “birthsaversary” (Matts birthday is Jan. 16, Camilles birthday is Jan. 18, and their anniversary is on the 17th).  They kept with the 17th and were wed July 17, 2014 at the Annfield Manor, NS