New Website + New Blog

Confession #1 - I am a terrible blogger! For a variety of reasons…it's not something I think about, I'm not very good at it, I never know how to word things 'just so'. Well those days are Gone! 

I love photography! I love that my clients like the final product they receive. I'm proud of the hard work that I put into my images! So who am I to keep them all to myself? Right?! 

Confession #2 - I LOVE Engagement sessions! I include them in almost every collection that I offer! They are fun, romantic & a little crazy! But hey - so am I….I think my clients are at least 2 out of those 3 too! 

SO Here's to my 1st blog post with my Swanky new blog. I'll most likely post a few of my favourites from 2013 at some point as well.

A blog post isn't complete with out a photo right?! So here ya go - These are my little leprechauns!

My Little Leprechauns