Chelsea + Matt - Isle Madame Engagement

I have neglected my blog for far too long. Almost 2 years since I last posted.....guess I have some catching up to do. I'm going to start off with Chlesea + Matt! 

Stephanie + Corey -A Beautiful Citadel Hill Wedding

What a small world we live in! Stephanie booked me to photograph her wedding in Halifax at the Beautiful Citadel Hill. She told her bridesmaid that I was going to photograph her wedding and it turns out that the bridesmaid - Kelly - is from the same town as me! We went to high school together.

I love hearing the story of the proposal! So here is Stephanie & Corey's.
Stephanie & Corey had their first date on April 8th. Exactly 2 years later on the morning of April 8th Corey proposed to Stephanie as they were making plans for dinner that evening.  An all you can eat sushi restaurant was the choice; but because it wasn’t very fancy Corey offered an engagement ring, saying “the place we’re eating isn’t that fancy, so maybe this will help?”  He presented the ring to Stephanie and asked her to marry him, she said Yes! How sweet is that!!!! 

The wedding was beautiful! Stephanie & Corey celebrated their love surrounded by 70 of their closest family & friends. Enjoy!

Camille & Matt - A Romantic Bras d'Or Wedding

Camille contacted me via my Facebook page back in February. After a few email conversations I knew I had to photograph their wedding! She was so kind and sweet! 

I'm always interested in hearing how the couples meet. When I asked Camille how they met she said they met in Doha, Qatar. (Which is only 5, 975 miles away). They were both new to the country and met on their second day there and became fast friends.

They were together for 6 years prior to the engagement which lasted 6 months. 

When I asked her how she knew he was 'The One' she made my heart melt when she answered - He was my ray of sunshine in a place that made me feel unsafe, unwelcome, and alone.  He made me laugh, made me feel safe, and allowed me to find home.  

Matt proposed on our “birthsaversary” (Matts birthday is Jan. 16, Camilles birthday is Jan. 18, and their anniversary is on the 17th).  They kept with the 17th and were wed July 17, 2014 at the Annfield Manor, NS


Growing up too Fast

It's not very often that I share photos of my children....but the other day was 'one of those days'. All you parents out there will understand look at your youngest child...your 'baby' and realize that they are not babies any more. Brooke (in the photo) turned 3 years old on April 1st. This is also the day that my oldest daughter, Zoey (4 years old), has her trial day at school. When I took this photograph and looked at it, it took my breath away. I can already see myself looking back at it years from now wondering what she was thinking. This is what photographs are all about - how we FEEL when we look at them. Being taken back to that exact moment and reliving it through a 4x6 sheet of paper. A wonderful woman once recited this quote to me "The days are long but the years are short".